Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Card Organiser

I've had a few days off making any cards, I banned myself from making anymore until I had sorted out the mess I had created in the large container, my hubby got me to put my cards in. I had just been slipping them in there as I had made them & looked the other day & thought OMGosh that's a mess!! I thought; if someone wanted a card or I needed one, I would have to go through them all to see what's what.... so I made these dividers, sorted the cards into the different sections & placed the MDF chipboard dividers inbetween & now it's much neater... & better still, I can see them all ...



jlw311 said...

What a great idea but WOW I certainly don't need a tote as big as yours. You have a tone of cards made. Have you ever thought about selling them? I think I may sell mine but I need to make more first!

Raquel said...

That's a lot of "emergency" cards. I noticed some of them are in plastic or are they all in plastic? Anyway, I'm sure you already have this but I left you the "One Lovely Blog Award" in my blog