Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Slack slack slack!!!

Ok so this is really bad that my last post was August last year!!! & its the 1st of July so almost a year. Well in my defence it has been hectic in our household with moving & health issues but anyway I have still managed to get a lot of scrapping & cardmaking done, but just haven't uploaded anything, which is not good at all, very slack on my behalf!!

So I am going to take some photos of some of my latest creations & come back & share.

♥ Rima


Jeannie Phillips said...

OH Rima how are you???... I have missed you!!
Hugs and Love

Rima said...

Oh hi Jeannie, I have missed you too & all the wonderful work I have missed out on. I have been blog hopping catching up :)
♥ Rima