Friday, July 2, 2010

Pondage Albums

In January we went away with friends for a holiday to the Pondage & I celebrated my birthday at the time, it was wonderful. Our children, our dogs & us Adults had a great time as you will see in the following pages, I have not added all pages though. Any questions about anything used on my LO's, please just ask & I will get back to you.

Enjoy & thanks for looking

I love this picture of our kids in their wetsuits all ready to go in the water, so I had to use it as my opening page of the album.

After stopping for lunch, we continued our journey to the Pondage & our youngest daughter & dog Buddy had a nap in the backseat. The top photo was staged as Buddy had fallen asleep on Tyannes lap & she thought it was super cute, but the second on is her asleep for real.

Our arrival to the Pondage was very overcast & wet but still beautiful.

So inbetween showers we set up camp

On the morning of my birthday I was spoilt with lots of kisses & cuddles from our girls & my hubby & our wonderful friends had presents for me....

The irony of my presents were that 8 days before on my girlfriends birthday I had given her her presents, totally wrapped around with sticky tape & little posty notes inbetween each layers of paper. Some of the notes were things like I love sticky tape, keep on going, oh did I tell you I like sticky tape etc, just fun silly things & well karma would have it that my girlfriend thought pay back was such a wonderful thing & did the same to my presents lol hence the knife in my hand, there was no way I was ever getting thru that tape without it hahahaha So there are little speech bubbles & one says "pay backs a b!tch.." & "you're a beeep Caz..."

but the speech bubble with my present is "oh awesome" coz it was a scrapbook album with Winnie The Pooh on it.... naturally I had to use it for this album. The second present was a gorgeous jewellery box.

My awesome present

So we had had dinner & got the kids settled playing games, so it was our turn to relax with a drink & play cards when my friends surprised me with a birthday cake!! It was decorated with jellybeans yummmm My piece of cake did only start off with a small serve of cream until our friend got hold of the can & smothered it lol Its a joke between us that we hide the dessert under all the cream as a surprise

After everyone sang Happy Birthday to me, I cut the cake & of course the tradition in our house is to touch the bottom when cutting & kiss the closest boy or girl near you, my Hubby was the lucky one :)

Well eventhough it was still a little overcast we let the kids get suited up a swim, as it is always 26 degrees in the water. The rope swing was a favourite, but our dog Buddy wasn't so sure... he was the lifeguard letting the girls know when he wasn't happy with the situation.

So after warming up the boat & taking the girls out for a run, it was my Hubby's turn on the donut, it was such a lot of fun watching him & our girls thought it was great that Dad was out on the water.

Because we took so many photos I had to have a second album, so I took one of the photos I had duplicates of & made that the focal point of the album cover.

The kids had all had turns on the donut, now it was time to bring out the biskit, there were lots of laughs had by all when this came out :)

Here is our daughter waiting ever so patiently waiting for her turn on the donut... well when they took off all you could hear from the bank was her laughing haha she was giggling so loud that she didnt see the water marker & crashed straight into it, no tears or anything just more laughter!!

Then our little water baby had her first experience out on the water, she had never been on a donut or a biskit, let alone behind a boat, but she absolutely loved it!!! Once she had built her confidence on the donut she wanted to go on the biskit & going by the huge smile she has on her face, she was so excited. She new she was safe coz she had her lifejacket on, her spotting partner on the biskit with her & Dad in the boat, so all was good!!

AND so it was my turn.... hmm well our friend who was driving the boat had one ambition in mind & that was to throw me off the biskit: The speech bubble on my photo says "are we insured..." haha

I'm not a big fan of the water, as I dont like getting cold, but as it is so warm in there I was all for it!!

So we are ready to go... & holding on as hard as I could it wasn't long before Jay managed to throw me off, its hard to hang on & laugh so hard. As I would go flying off the biskit, I would say bye to my hubby & sing out "I believe I can fly..." haha It was soooo much fun!!

I used random photos of our girls having "Fun in the sun"

We took lots of photos of our dogs too... Buddy was still very protective of the kids playing in the water, he was on alert for the time our daughter was in the water; until she came out, once she gave him a pat & told him she was OK he would relax...

Lifeguard Buddy (or The Budster as we affectionately call him )relaxing at times the kids were not in the water. He is such a gorgeous dog, we love him to bits!!

These are photos of our dogs Buddy & Charlie at Work, Rest & Play, working as lifeguards near the water, relaxing back at the camp site & at play out on the playground

Our boys kicking back...

One night we went to a free family entertainment night, Movies in the Park, we watched Night in the Museum 2, the kids got their faces painted, got lollies & icecreams

Tyanne with her butterfly face painting

Riana with her clown face painting

Well the horrible time had come to pack up & go home back to reality..... :(

None of us wanted to go ...

On the way home we went past the Open Cut Mine & the powerstation to show the kids

They couldn't believe how big is!!

This is the double LO

Driving up the road towards the Powerstation, our youngest daughter said that it looked like where Homer worked on the Simpsons.... lol....

Thanks for having a look

♥ Rima