Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Enfy Tagged Me

I've been tagged...

Here how it works:
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Enfy tagged me!
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share 7 Random facts about yourself on your blog.
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So, 7 random facts about me, hmmmm

1. I was born inMelbourne, Australia,  my father is Maori (NZ) & my mother is Aussie!
2. I have 5 children - 3 boys & 2 girls, aged from 18 to 5
3. I used to be a Cash Clerk/Pay Clerk, now I'm a SAHM
4. I climbed a lighthouse & walked around the outside rail with g-force winds, conquering my fear of heights!! YAY me!!
5. I absolutely, positively hate cold weather - give me the hot weather any day!!
6. I drink nothing but Coke! morning noon & night...
7. I am married to the most wonderful guy & he's a chef!

I'm tagging -


I hope you guys don't mind me tagging you, it's just a bit of fun & a good way to find out some stuff about each other!! Have a great day :)


Stampvamp said...

I hope I get a better reaction this time...last time I did this only ONE person continued!! :-/

Cool facts, Rima...much braver than me cause I NEVER would have gotten on that lighthouse!!! hahaha!

Rima said...

It took a lot for me to do Tonya!! I wasn't sure if I could do it but once I got to the top, I was determined to go outside!!

michelle said...

Thanks Rima for the tag so much fun !

Inkey Pingers said...

Okay, the fact that yor husband is a chef makes him perfect in my eyes! lol, I would love to be cooked for!


Rima said...

haha Kim you know the saying "tradies dont work at home..." well its not much different for chefs!! Ian does do much cooking at home but when he does its great coz it gives me a night off :)He doesnt however have a choice when we have family get togethers, coz there is so many of us, Its automatically his job!!

Thanks for playing along everyone

Bee said...

Hi Rima - I'll get this onto my blog when I get home - not sure if I can manage the links bit as I am 'puter stupid.


Beckie said...

Hi Rima, I am beckie I am a new sister!!!! Look forward to getting to know you.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Interesting facts! You're married to a chef? That has got to be the BEST!